The word FAIRWAYS is the second part of what our programs teach. FAIRWAYS is an acronym we use to help our kids discover the game of golf. It’s a personal journey to becoming a future ambassador. We use the game of golf to teach our kids valuable life lessons. FAIRWAYS is the “golf” side to what we do.

By participating in our programs kids are equipped with healthy tools to help them grow and develop through the challenges they will surely face in their upcoming developmental years. Parents are encouraged to reinforce these lessons by talking about them and what they mean in their home.

F-Focus. The game of golf requires focus on a different level. The culmination of mind and body and learning to leave outside distractions where they belong…outside. This principle will help teach our kids how to separate some of the feelings they may be dealing with and the importance of being present.

A-Accountability. One of the great lessons in golf is personal accountability. You are your own referee, you keep your own score. We will teach our kids what it means to be accountable for your actions on and off the golf course.

I-Improve. Golf is a game of constant improvement, step by step, day by day. What a great parallel for life. We are never a finished product, its what daily steps we are taking to improve ourselves that matters.

R-Resolve. The game of golf if nothing else will humble you and teach you resolve. No matter what skill level you may be the golf course teaches us how to keep swinging, keep fighting, especially when you want to give up.

W-Willingness. To grow is to be willing, in life…in golf. Our kids have been through so much and they are already showing willingness to move forward by participating in our program.

A-Address. In golf to address the ball signifies your intention to commit. This is a great parallel we can teach that relates to life.

Y-You. Golf is all about you, no teammates, no coaches, just you and the golf course. Instilling in our kids that everything starts with them is crucial.

S-Score. Keeping score in golf does a few things for us. 1) Honesty-we keep our own score, so if we cheat our score we cheat ourselves. 2) Nothing stings more than when you have to write down a score you just made that infuriates you. Haha…a great exercise for patience and learning to control emotions.