The word FINDING is the first half of what our programs teach. FINDING is an acronym we use to help our kids “find” themselves. It’s a personal journey to becoming a future ambassador. We use the game of golf to teach our kids valuable life lessons. FINDING is the “life” side to what we do.

By participating in our programs kids are equipped with healthy tools to help them grow and develop through the challenges they will surely face in their upcoming developmental years. Parents are encouraged to reinforce these lessons by talking about them and what they mean in their home.

F-Family is at the heart of what we are inspiring our kids to value. Each and every kid has a unique family dynamic at home. We help kids realize their role and how they can positively impact their own family.

I-Influence is an incredible gift our kids will learn. We will help teach them to use their experience to help others.

N-Nutrition Instilling the importance of a healthy and balanced diet is a crucial piece to self care.

D-Dependable. Becoming a dependable role model to their peers is an important quality we will instill.

I-Inspire others through the experiences you have overcome. We encourage our kids to never waste a tear, but to use them for the benefit of others.

N-Needed Reinforcing that each kid is needed is of great importance.

G-Goals We will push our kids to create healthy, achievable goals moving forward to help keep them on track and out of trouble.